Three cheers… three years!

“Simon Cowell happened. Dannii happened (not like that!). Some vests happened, some yellow trousers, some spray tanning – a lot of weird shit. Wagner happened. Wagner in a vest happened. Aiden Grimshaw happened…”… Continue reading

Album Review: Matt Cardle, Porcelain.

Originally posted on music waffle.:
From the get go, please erase any thoughts of what an X Factor winner should sound like from your minds and listen with an open ear. Seeing as…

Poll Results: Anticipate no longer!

So here are the results of last week’s poll, asking which unreleased song from Porcelain you were most eagerly anticipating. As you can see, there was a clear winner… * * Perhaps it… Continue reading

11 reasons to ♥ Scala 23-10-12

One year ago today, Matt and the band took to the stage at Scala, London, to launch his second album, The Fire. We’ve patched together a playlist of recordings from that night and… Continue reading

Single Review: Matt Cardle, When You Were My Girl

Originally posted on music waffle.:
It’s a funky change of style for Matt in this follow up to his summer duet with Melanie C, Loving You. In the video, Matt plays both the…

An. Ti. Ci. Pa. Tion.

Porcelain is less than two weeks away, and we’re going slightly mad with anticipation. We’ve already heard (and love!) Loving You: * and When You Were My Girl: * And now we have… Continue reading

Poll 5 Results: Favourite interview

You like it when the Heat is on!

Poll 4 Results: Pretty pictures

The look of the summer for Mel C!

Poll 3 Results: Favourite new addition

We’re on bended knees for this one!

Poll 2 Results: Cardle Couture

You like your Matt smart!

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