POLL: Plugged or Unplugged?

The thing about Matt as a singer and musician is that he is very versatile. And the thing about many of Matt’s songs is that they are very versatile, too. The result is… Continue reading

Number One with The Bullet: Interview with Paul Bullen (Part 2)

On stage, Paul Bullen is often obscured by darkness, smoke effects, Matt Cardle and other bandmates… and even his own instruments. To shed a bit more light on the man they call ‘Mr… Continue reading

Number One with The Bullet: Interview with Paul Bullen (Part 1)

As anyone who has seen Matt Cardle on the Letters or Porcelain tour will tell you, he is supported by an absolute top-notch band: Paul Bullen on keys, Tom Peters on drums, Lorenzo… Continue reading

Matt Cardle – O2 Academy Oxford – 13/04/2014

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Porcelain Tour 2014 – Fave tracks – The results!

So… you’ve been agonising all week over your favourite tracks on Porcelain Tour – and we apologise because, really, it wasn’t very fair to ask you to choose! However, 42 of you managed… Continue reading

Poll: Porcelain Tour 2014 – Fave tracks

As much as we love Porcelain: The Album (and that is very much indeed), Porcelain: The Tour really brought the songs to life and added new dimensions to them – often in surprising… Continue reading

10 reasons to ♥ Porcelain Tour 2014

So tour is over… but, quite frankly, we’re not over it. *sigh* Perhaps a little retrospective could turn these post-tour blues black and white? We all saw bits and pieces of the tour,… Continue reading

Gig Review: Matt Cardle, Shepherd’s Bush O2

Originally posted on music waffle.:
The Porcelain Tour sees Matt return with his band, two years after the successful Letters Tour, which took place whilst he was under the jurisdiction of Sony/Columbia. On…

12 reasons to ♥ Lately

“Lately, it won’t come together… but my baby, it’s gonna get better…” Those words have been swirling around our heads quite a lot…recently – for a variety of reasons, but not least because,… Continue reading

Three cheers… Three years! The results!

So, a few days ago, we asked you to choose your favourites among Matt’s performances on X Factor. Because today is the third anniversary of his rather convincing victory on said show, turning… Continue reading

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