It’s All Just Talk: Interview with Matt Cardle (Part 2)

We would normally write a (clever? witty? naff?) little introduction here but, let’s face it, a) Matt needs no introduction and b) we all want to get to the good stuff ASAP. So here is a nice photo of Matt, Mel and the band…


Credit: Paul Bullen

…and another interesting one with a few extra people in.

Credit: Paul Bullen

Credit: Paul Bullen


We continue our chat below (read Part 1 here)…

Which song did you enjoy playing most on the Porcelain tour? Why?

Loving You whenever Melanie was able to join us.


What moment of the Porcelain tour (onstage or off) will probably stick in your memory the longest?

Looking out to a sell-out crowd at Shepherds Bush Empire in London. All my friends and family were there. Plus, Melanie C sprinkled some extra spice on the evening.

Look at his little face - so happy!

Look at his little face – so happy!


In answer to the previous question, Paul said he enjoyed playing a game called Show Your Deformity – who won?

Haha! I think it was Paul’s own game because he won!


In five words, describe the state of Pinky the tour bus by the final week of tour.

Smelly. Filthy. Broken. Unhygienic. Loved.


Is there a particular song on the forthcoming new album that you really can’t wait to play live?

Yes. A track called Higher Power.




*Regaining composure* Finally, what is something people might be surprised to learn about you (which you haven’t mentioned in an interview before, obviously)?

I’m a hopeless romantic who is obsessed with scented candles. My house is littered with them!

We would never have guessed!

Many thanks to Matt, Paul, Tom, Remy and Lorenzo (and Nathan) for allowing us to indulge a long-cherished fantasy of being serious music journos – well, mostly serious! We hope you, readers, have enjoyed our interview series – please follow us on Twitter (@TeamMattCardle) for all the latest news and events, plus some fun along the way…

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