Solid as The Rock: Interview with Tom Peters (Part 2)

Mid-way through each show on the Porcelain tour, the band would vacate the stage and take a quick break while Matt played a couple of acoustic numbers on his own (with some backing vocals from the crowd, of course!).



So, after that brief interlude, let’s resume our interview with drummer Tom Peters (read Part 1 here)…

Which song did you enjoy playing most on tour? Why?

On the Porcelain tour it was between two: either When You Were My Girl as we got to have a huge jam section in the middle – playing disco is always really good fun…

Everyone showing off their musical chops


…but I really liked when Mel C came on for Loving You, too. Last song of the night played as loud and hard as possible – what’s not to enjoy!?


What moment of the Porcelain tour (onstage or off) will probably stick in your memory the longest?

We had a really great time on the Porcelain tour as we had the bus. Normally, we’re just in hotels but this time all the band and crew shared the pink bus. Because you’re asleep when travelling there’s always a lot of time to kill when you arrive in a new place so we spent quite a lot of time wandering about seeing what the city had to offer. This tour we got into casinos. Me and Paul had some very entertaining times there.

Good times in Newcastle

Good times in Newcastle (credit: Tom Peters)


Top three gigs on the Porcelain tour? Why?

Birmingham was fantastic. Everyone went mental.


Shepherd’s Bush was also really special. Such a classic venue and jam-packed, so you can’t help but have a good one there.

Tom enjoyed Shepherd's Bush despite being trapped in a Perspex box

Tom enjoyed Shepherd’s Bush despite being trapped in a Perspex box


Glasgow is always brilliant, too.

Kilts all round next time, yes?


Define ‘spunchy’.

You really don’t want to know the etymology of this word.


In five words, describe the state of Pinky the tour bus by the final week of tour.

Smelly. Messy. Tired. A little bit grumpy. FUN.


What projects have you got in the pipeline? Please feel free to plug shamelessly.

I spend all my time producing in the studio so I’ve always got lots of projects on. Matt and I have been working together occasionally. I do a lot of indie bands and projects for TV which I try and put details of on my website. I’m a bit rubbish at updating, though.


What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I have really, really terrible eyesight and I am half Swiss (not related).

Well, there you have it – another TMC exclusive!  Thanks to Tom and all The Noisy Boys for taking the time to spunch with us…