Packing a Mega Punch: Interview with Lorenzo De Feo and Remy Mallett (Part 2)

When performing, Remy Mallett (bass) and Lorenzo De Feo (lead guitar) usually stand on opposite sides of the stage. Off stage is another matter – brought together by Matt Cardle as bandmates in 2011, they have since forged a great friendship and are now often seen within mere feet of one another (as illustrated below).

As mentioned in Part 1 of this interview (which you can read here), Lorenzo and Remy now work together in their own music production company called Mega Punch (but we rather fancy ‘Loremy’ as a bromance name for them!).

Lorenzo and Remy share a geeky love of music gear and woolly hats.

Lorenzo and Remy share a love of music gear and woolly hats.


We continue our interview…

Which song have you enjoyed playing most on tour? Why?

Letters, or Slowly, or All for Nothing – always great gelling with the band and Matt and getting into it.

Everyone clearly enjoying themselves here


Lorenzo: All For Nothing – I really like the song and I get a solo. What more could you want?


What moment on tour (onstage or off) will probably stick in your memory the longest?

Remy: Going out in Cardiff…

Lorenzo: Shepherd’s Bush: I played with a Spice Girl.

And here’s the evidence…


Top three gigs on tour? Why?

Remy: Birmingham – great venue. London – epic. Manchester – crispy duck on the rider.

Birmingham Symphony Hall (credit: Gabriele Nicotra)

Birmingham Symphony Hall (credit: Gabriele Nicotra)

An epic start to an epic show…


Lorenzo: Dublin – Guinness. Hammersmith Apollo – it was brilliant. Cambridge – I have been to so many gigs at the Corn Exchange, it was nice to play there myself.

Lorenzo hovering near the Guinness backstage...

Lorenzo hovering near the Guinness backstage (credit: Paul Bullen)

Cambridge was pretty much a home gig for all the guys in the band


Define ‘spunchy’.

Remy: It is when something is fluid yet still packs a punch!

Lorenzo: It’s when everything just feels right.


In five words, describe the state of Pinky the tour bus by the final week of the Porcelain tour.

Remy: I wasn’t there. But I can imagine it smelt of cheese and ale farts…

Lorenzo: It was spick and span.


What projects have you got in the pipeline? Please feel free to plug shamelessly.

Remy: Lorenzo, Tom and I write music for music libraries, and Lorenzo and I write and record for various artists. If you know anyone needing help writing/producing, let us know 😉 [See Part 1 for contact info -TMC]

Lorenzo: Remy and I have a company called MegaPunch and we write music for film and television, and I do the odd tour/session on the side.


What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

Remy: I have a strange ‘cat eye’ that looks pretty freaky.

Lorenzo: I am a cooking fanatic and have been known to dream about Jamie Oliver.

Well, this interview has taken a bit of an odd turn, hasn’t it? Erm, shall we end it there, guys? Spunchy.